Services and Repairs

Services are available for Plumbing Repair, Drain Cleaning, Water Heaters, and more. Contact us if you have questions about any of our services.

Plumbing Repair

  • Drain Clog or Blockage – Clear
  • Faucets, Fixtures and Pipes – Repair or Replace
  • Sump Pump – Repair or Replace
  • Tankless Water Heater – Install
  • Tankless Water Heater – Repair
  • Water Heater – Install or Replace
  • Water Heater – Repair or Service
  • Water Main – Install, Replace or Repair

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)

  • Furnace/Forced Air Heating System – Repair or Service
  • Thermostat – Install or Replace
  • Whole House Performance Testing
  • Heat Pump Repair and Service
  • A/C Repair and Service

Fireplaces and Wood Stoves

  • Brick or Stone Fireplace – Install
  • Brick or Stone Fireplace – Repair
  • Gas, Pellet, or Wood Stove – Repair
  • Pre-Fabricated Fireplace Unit – Repair

Cleaning and Inspection Services

  • Chimney or Fireplace – Clean and Inspect
  • Chimney or Fireplace – Clean and Inspect – For Business

Septic Tanks and Wells

  • Well Pump – Install or Replace
  • Well Pump – Repair or Service

Pellet Stove Cleaning

Pellet Stove Cleaning is so important. Did you know that there can be over 15 different parts involved with making that fire light, heat and burn cleanly? Simply vacuuming the ashes, and cleaning the pipe are necessary as a routine maintenance, but the yearly maintenance is totally different and very in depth.