Pellet Stove Cleaning & Repair

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Plugged Chimney Pipe

Pellet Stove Cleaning is so important. Did you know that there can be over 15 different parts involved with making that fire light, heat and burn cleanly? Simply vacuuming the ashes, and cleaning the pipe are necessary as a routine maintenance, but the yearly maintenance is totally different and very in depth.

A true yearly cleaning should involve about 2 hours of work for a professional, and include removal and cleaning of both combustion blower, and convection blower. In depth cleaning of all channels inside the stove, and adjustments and cleaning of the feed mechanism. All moving parts need to be inspected and cleaned and sometimes oiled.

When a pellet stove is burning properly, there should not be black soot forming on the window or inside the firebox. If there is, this is a good indication that the stove is not burning efficiently.

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